When I was very young I remember hearing the men in my family laughing and hanging out on the rooftop or the stoop back in Brooklyn, playing what they called ”la musica de mi isla bonita” .Before long everybody in the old neighborhood was hanging out singing and dancing. It wasn’t until I heard it again years later, that I found out the music was called Bomba y Plena. I have sung all types of music with various bands. None have touched my spirit as this” voice of the people“. I am a member in Segunda Quimbamba, of Jersey City since 2007. Since 2009 I am also a member of the Cimarrones family of South Plainfield, my home town with Nelson Baez as director. I am blessed to be a part of la familia and to know the strength and love of the people of Puerto Rico.“No naci en Puerto Rico, pero Puerto Rico nacio en mi". Con Muchisimo Carino, Gracias

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