I have been learning this Bomba and Plena for approximately four years. I have been teaching children in various youth ensembles basic footwork (steps) and traditional Bomba moves and piquettes. I additionally have been doing some choreography for their performances.  The youth groups that I work with range in age from three year olds to 16 years of age.  I have worked with the Puerto Rican Society of Elizabeth, Evergreen Elementary School in Plainfield, AMAR La Bomba New Brunswick, P.R. Action Board of New Brunswick where I am currently teaching in a pilot for an after school & summer program.   I have also taught and choreographed two groups of youth so that they could perform in two separate sweet sixteen celebrations one group was from Piscataway and the other from Plainfield. I have also taught basic bomba moves and choreographed a group at the Discovery Institute which is an adult alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Marloboro NJ. I plan to continue my learning because I believe that I will never learn all there is to learn in this art form.  I plan to continue teaching children and adults in all communities because this is a way of spreading what I believe to be more than an art form but a way of life. Bomba has taught me so much about my culture that I was unaware of and I was born in Puerto Rico. It will be a way of my helping to preserve my culture and an art form on the brink of extinction and know that it will be passed on to future generations even when I’m gone. in 2004 I was exposed to the drums of my island – a journey that focused on relearning the culture of my rich background and particularly the role of Ponce in the development of bomba and plena.  I use my growing knowledge of these rhythms to inspire my art. “Images of bomba and plena are a favorite theme of mine, as well as the spirituality that comes with the sacredness of the orishas,”  My dreams now are to continue my passion – and there’s no looking back. 

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