I am a former member of the bomba and plena group Segunda Quimbamba in Jersey City, I have also performed with Cinco en Plena and am currently performing with Nelson Báez and Cimarrones.  I have also been assisting him in teaching youth in Central Jersey. I want to effectively teach this art form to youth in the community. I also want to be able to teach this art form to others who can then effectively teach it to youth in our communities. I want to continue to perform with Cimarrones and help to spread bomba throughout New Jersey. I have studied under Roberto Cepeda of La Familia Cepeda, Pedro “Unico” Nouget of Capa Prieto, Alberto “Tito” Cepeda of Los Pleneros de la 21 and did New Jersey State Council on the Arts Folkloric Apprenticeship with Juan Cartagena of Segunda Quimbamba.

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